Smart Furniture That Makes Your Life Better

Sometimes furniture takes up so much space. Sometimes you find yourself buying too many furniture for different usage/purpose. Here are some brilliantly designed furniture that makes your life better!      

Did you take care of your lawn before winter?

  You have just moved to a new house with a nice garden. The previous owner most probably did not bother preparing the lawn for the next year because did not want to spend money and time on it. Fortunately this is neither a complicated nor an expensive job.   Here is a great video to help you out.

Ever wonder why everyone in Quebec moves on July 1st?

National Moving Day in Quebec Every year in the province of Quebec, thousands of people pack up and move on July 1. It has been a tradition in this province for the past 36years. Actually, the idea of moving in masses goes further back than that. Leases used to end on April 30 in Quebec. Back then, the problem with that was, kids were being forced out of classes by their parents before their school year was up. So on January 1, 1974, a new Quebec law came into effect. It made all leases signed till April 30 of that year valid till June 30. Ever since, moving day in Quebec has been July 1.There is no obligation to have a lease end on June 30, it does however in some ways, make finding a new home easier when leases finish on the same date.Although there is no definitive way to count just how... [More]

Environmentally-Friendly Cleaning Tips

Whether you’re looking to get your new place squeaky-clean before moving in, to clean up an old rental, or simply to keep your current abode sparkly and sanitary, there are always eco-friendly ways to go about it. Here are a few pointers for cleaning up without dirtying the environment. The four key (surprisingly simple) cleaners are vinegar, salt, lemon juice, and baking soda. WINDOWS AND MIRRORS can be cleaned with a mixture of lemon and water (about 4 tbsp. lemon juice to ½ gallon of water), or a mixture of vinegar and water (3 parts water, 1 part vinegar). To save on paper-towel and avoid streaks, use scrunched-up newspaper instead: it works very well!  FURNITURE POLISH is usually terrible for the environment and has an unpleasant smell. A good alternative is mixing ... [More]

Helpful Tips for Planning Your Move

There are so many things to consider when you’re moving. It is easy to overlook so many things that can be taken care of weeks or months before moving day. Here are some pointers for how to stay on top of things and how to be as prepared as possible. Take care of notifying people of your address change before moving and spare yourself the annoyance of doing it after. Change of address requests rarely take immediate effect, so letting important contacts (you bank, insurance company, magazine subscription, etc) know in advance is a good idea. As soon as you know you are moving, make a chronologically-ordered list of everything you need to take care of between ‘right this second’ and ‘yay, all done!’ if you can, include deadlines for each task, and enjoy the ext... [More]

10 Useful Packing Tips

Finding a new place is very exciting… at first. Things can get stressful if you only consider important details at the last minute. One of those details is efficient packing: it is never more obvious how much crap you have than when you are trying to box it all up. Here are some extremely helpful tips for packing up easily and (hopefully!) minimizing stress.  It is ALWAYS a good idea to go through your place several weeks in advance and decide what to get rid of altogether before moving day. The more the merrier. Start selling/donating things as early as you can.   Donations centres are always happy to take clothes and household items You can sell things on Ebay, Craigslist, Etsy, Oodle etc. Depending on the season, GARAGE SALES are always a fun option You can use y... [More]

Tying loose-ends Before Moving

Before you finally move from your old home or town, make sure you have completed the things you need to do. Last minute tasks are important for if they are left unfinished, they can create major problems later. These trivial matters can cause major headaches to you. So, here’s a last minute to-do-list: Cancel the services of basic utilities. If you are moving to a different state or region, you will have to cancel the services of your basic utilities such as electric, water, telephone, internet and other communication services. However, if you are transferring to a new home but still in the same town, you will have to transfer these services from your old home to your new one. Write notices of your change of address. It is important that you give out notices of your transfer and you... [More]

Winter Moving Tips

Kudos to you! You’re a cold-hardy Canadian or American who has decided to “go against the grain” and move in winter. [More]

Planning Your Move Financially

Planning a move is a lot more detailed than most would have you believe. There is a lot of coordinating, scheduling, and shelling out of cash involved. Call me crazy, but I would almost compare it to planning a wedding, albeit on a very small scale. [More]

If You’re Moving to Calgary, Here are the Basics

Calgary is larger than Alberta’s capital, Edmonton, with a population of roughly 900,000. This makes it the largest city in Alberta and the fifth largest in Canada. [More]

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