Winter Moving Tips

Winter moving TipsKudos to you! You’re a cold-hardy Canadian or American who has decided to “go against the grain” and move in winter. Or perhaps, this is the only time of the year you can move. Either way, take the regular stress of moving, and add to that unpaved walkways, soggy cardboard boxes and, oh yah, being really cold, and you could have a real stormy moving experience. But, with the right preparation and tools, you can still have a smooth (but not slippery!) winter move.

Back-Up Plan
Good trooper though you may be, you have to be prepared for the fact that you may have to reschedule your move due to inclement weather, so keep updated as to weather conditions and warnings, and be prepared with a backup plan. If you usually use your television for weather updates, keep in mind it will be packed up, so keep a radio out or download an app for your phone to keep tuned in to the weather status. If you have rented a truck or moving company, be sure they have a policy in place for rescheduling due to inclement weather. If you have booked a flight, be sure to check your airline to make sure your flight will still be departing as scheduled.

First and foremost, you will have to make the preparations necessary to ensure that your walkway has been cleared at both your old and new homes. The worst thing that can happen during your move is injury to yourself or your movers, so be sure to put down salt to avoid a wipe out.

If you will be driving your own car, you will have to make sure that your car has been fully winterized, including having all fluids topped off and tires and breaks checked. You should also make sure that your car is equipped with jumper cables, extra windshield fluid, blankets, warm clothing (even if the weather seems warm in the morning, it may indeed get cold as the big day progresses, and you don’t want your warm clothes packed away with all your belongings when you need them!), salt or kitty litter (invaluable to you if your car gets stuck), and at least two good snow shovels, just incase. Though it might sound obvious, it’s also very important that you drive at an appropriately slower pace during inclement weather. I would also advise that you have access to a roadside assistance service. If you have rented a truck yourself, many companies will offer 24 hour roadside assistance service free of charge during the winter months.

Protecting Your Floors and Carpets
Another big concern will be protecting your floors and carpets at both your new and old homes. Painting tarps are a great option for floors, as they are great at preventing moisture from seeping through. These can be fastened with blue moving tape to ensure they stay in place. Protecting your carpet can be a bit more tricky and, accordingly, expensive. There are plastic, self-adhesive films you can buy to cover your carpet with, which will enable you to cover your carpet with a tear-free, slip-free surface. The adhesive comes with rollers and is easy to apply, and won’t leave a trace of damage on most types of carpet. If you are hiring a moving company, you should ask what measures they will take to protect your floors and carpets during your move, as many companies will have drop clothes or runners to lay down during the move. Protecting Your Belongings
Though you might not mind a bit of snow, you can be sure that your belongings will, so it is crucial you take all the precautions necessary to avoid water damage. No matter what the weather reports, be prepared for snow and moisture. One method is pad wrapping all articles with thick, new moving blankets as well as a layer of industrial strength plastic wrap. You may also want to consider using plastic moving crates instead of boxes, which aren’t only recyclable and environmentally friendly, but also ensure that the environment won’t be unfriendly to your belongings.

Choosing a Snow-Savvy Moving Company
If you want someone who is as experienced as Santa when it comes to moving belongings in winter—and as generous—be a scrooge and choose a snow-savvy moving company that won’t only take all the precautions necessary to ensure a safe and successful winter move, but will give you a deal, too! Business freezes up for most moving companies during the winter months, so there are many businesses out there that are eager to provide you with specialized winter services, and cut you a deal, too. Be sure to ask all potential movers what special policies, services, and deals they offer during the winter months, and make sure you take full advantage of one of the few pluses of moving in cold weather—hot deals!

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