Ever wonder why everyone in Quebec moves on July 1st?

National Moving Day in Quebec

Every year in the province of Quebec, thousands of people pack up and move on July 1. It has been a tradition in this province for the past 36years. Actually, the idea of moving in masses goes further back than that. Leases used to end on April 30 in Quebec. Back then, the problem with that was, kids were being forced out of classes by their parents before their school year was up. So on January 1, 1974, a new Quebec law came into effect. It made all leases signed till April 30 of that year valid till June 30. Ever since, moving day in Quebec has been July 1.

There is no obligation to have a lease end on June 30, it does however in some ways, make finding a new home easier when leases finish on the same date.

Although there is no definitive way to count just how many people move every July, according to Hydro-Québec records from 2004 is around 120 000.

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