MoveMeAway is helping you go green for brighter future.

Environment is an integral part of our business and like you, we believe in making your move as environmentally friendly as possible. Moving from one location to another will have minimal impact on the environment when you move with us. We offer recycled boxes and materials for packing. Our experienced and environment-conscious movers will ensure that the truck is loaded fully and properly to reduce fuel consumption and emission. All this means reduced carbon footprint and a cleaner environment.

Few Easy Steps Towards Greener Future

Green Heating


Feeling cold? Wear a housecoat, socks and sweaters to make you warm. Your furniture and other things in your house do not need heat and so do not turn on the heater unless it is really needed. This can reduce the consumption of natural gas and will also put more money in your pockets.

Solar Energy

Solar Energy

Use the most abundant and renewable energy available on earth – the sun. You can reduce your electricity bills by more than 50% when you use solar panels to power your house and solar water heaters to heat your water.

Green Hot Water

Hot Water

It requires more energy, especially during winters, to heat the water. Your clothes will wash well in cold water too. There are specialized washing machines and washing powders that wash clothes in cold water. You can opt for these machines to save on heating energy and costs.



Did you know that a good number of products that you use can be recycled to make new things? So, make you use of this option and recycle your items. You can even choose to buy only things that can be recycled safely. By taking this big step, you make a significant contribution to the environment. There is lesser garbage and toxic that needs to be disposed when you become a little environment-conscious.

Green Lighting


The lights in your house can consume more electricity than you may imagine. So, turn off the lights when not required and switch to energy-efficient lamps that will consume less electricity. Though they may cost more than regular bulbs, they last longer and use lesser energy and so you will definitely save money in the long run. Another way to reduce your electricity consumption is to switch to energy efficient appliances. Also, you can donate or sell your used appliance, instead of throwing it away. These simple steps will not only reduce the impact on the environment, but will also help you to save more money.



Proper insulation can reduce your energy needs by 15% to 30%. So, replace your ceiling insulation from time to time to ensure that there is little leakage of heat through your roof. Even during summer months, a good ceiling insulation can reduce the temperature inside the house by eight to twelve degrees and this means lesser usage of air conditioning.

Another potential place that can make your home lose heat is the cracks on the walls, ill-fitted windows and patio doors. You can install double glazing energy efficient doors and windows to reduce electricity costs. Though these may cost a little more, in the long run, it will more than offset your electricity charges.

You can also make use of solar heating panels during summer to power your house. Make sure that the alignment of the walls is perfect. In fact, if you have a north facing house, you will tend to use lesser energy to cool your house because of the natural wind patterns that can provide air circulation inside your house. So, use these techniques today to reduce your carbon footprint on the environment.

Green Transportation


Cars contribute to a good amount of pollution to the environment. You can use hybrid and green cars to reduce fuel usage. Using public transport is another way to save money on fuel and to reduce its impact on the environment. Carpooling is another option that serves the same purpose. You have to plan ahead of time to ensure that you your usage of fuel is minimal and efficient at the same time. Also, the car should be in good condition with the right amount of pressure in the tires for good mileage. These simple steps can help your environment and the people to live and breathe better.

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