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Green Travel

Your belongings are there in the moving trucks, on their way to their destination. You are left with the rest of your family. They are waiting for your cue to hop into the car and begin your journey together to your new home.

You have chosen a green moving company to take charge of your relocation. You achieved your goal of an ecologically-friendly way of relocation. Congratulations for a job well done!

Now, you are on your own, in charge of that trip going to your new dwelling. How are you going to travel green with your whole family?

Travelling green is not a new idea. It has long been practiced by those who have been conscious of nature conservation. With the present need to lead eco-friendly lifestyles, going green is fast becoming the best travel option. There is still much fun that awaits you without hurting the environment.

1. Share rides with your family members so you could use only one car instead of two. You save fuel, you save energy. That is another effort to diminish air pollution.

2. Consider travelling by plane or train if you will be travelling long distance. Public transportation cuts down gas emission of vehicles thus relieving Mother Nature from more torture of pollution. If your new home is just in the other block, walking or biking is a fun way to take the short trip.

3. Pack light. Wear eco-friendly clothes. This means less use of air conditioning system and other cooling facilities when staying in lodging places. Use eco-safe luggage. There are stylish products made from materials that do not compromise the environment like hemp and linen.

4. Choose accommodations that utilize environmentally-friendly measures. Support their recycling and other energy-saving activities. Forego having daily change in towels, linens and beddings to economize use of water and energy. Segregate your garbage.

Turn-off lights when not in use or before leaving the room. Use cooling facilities to the minimum. Unplug appliances when not in use.

5. Avoid use of too much paper. Use reusable items. Instead of paper towels and napkins, use towels and handkerchiefs instead.

6. Store your personal effects to reusable containers.

7. Avoid using disposables. Carry refillable water bottles. Use rechargeable batteries. Choose digital cameras instead of the disposable ones.

8. Patronize shops that do not sell souvenirs that came from animals like bones, shells, furs and skins. There are many mementos for sale that are affordable and eco-friendly.

9. Reuse maps, brochures and other travel guides instead of buying. Avoid getting extra copies when not necessary. What would be best is to get direction from your electronic navigation tool or the internet. Postcards shall be bought when you intend to mail them. Return newspapers to the lobby after reading them; less paper, the better.

10. When spending a day or two in tourist destinations, avoid picking flowers, plants or even rocks. Every detail that is removed from its natural source affects the ecosystem. Explore and take souvenirs through taking pictures only.

11. Use the bathroom in the airport instead of that in the plane. Do you know that the fuel consumed in the single flush of the bathroom while flying could run a regular car for six miles.

Travelling green is a breeze when your desired moving plans have been materialized in partnership with moving green companies facilitated by MoveMeAway.

There is always an encouraging outcome for the environment through your decision to choose a mover whose services met eco-friendly expectations. Starting anew through eco-friendly measures is indeed guilt-free.

Every step to conserve resources is a giant step to save the planet.

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