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Finding and choosing a moving company

A moving company is not just a business operation. It’s your partner. You must understand each other and team up to achieve a common goal: to move to your new location hassle-free.

Finding a moving company that acts as your partner is in no way a simple mission. You have to carefully search until you find the right one. Plan ahead. Do your assignment.

  1. Go through your stuff. Before searching for a moving company, decide first which among your things shall go with you, be given away or discarded.

  2. Packing considerations. Decide how you are going to do your packing. Shall you do it on your own or are you going to hire the help of professionals? Keep in mind that packing cost is different from moving expenses.

  3. Determine the kind of moving you need. If you are in eco-friendly lifestyle, choose green moving. Delicate furniture like piano needs specialty moving services. This requires the use of special equipment and expertise of professionals.

    If you decide to self-move, you need rental trucks. Finding the right trucks to accommodate all your belongings in less number of trips shall be your main objective.

  4. Decide what company to hire. Are you going to move long distance or just few miles away?

    When going long distance, you will need the services of packing professionals but you can pack some of your goods yourself. There are many moving companies that offer packing services for your convenience when relocating locally, inter-state or abroad.

    Some companies specialize in local moving only but their services are the same as those who offer long distance relocation.

  5. How to look for a moving company that suits you? Here are some suggestions:

    Ask friends. Who knows better than those who experienced moving themselves? Ask for their recommendations. They will surely give you various company names. Value their opinions. Nothing beats the wisdom of experiences.

    Search and find a trove of moving companies at We have been in this industry for years, building partnerships between the clientele and moving companies. has a complete list of trusted moving companies that you need. Our database could provide you with dependable names of companies that you can easily contact. Or you can easily fill up quick estimation form on our home page and get quotes from 5 trusted movers in 24 ours.

    Call for information. List down all the moving companies you want to call.

    Before inquiring, establish exactly what you want the company to handle for you. What you want to transport requires a specific moving company. How much you want to ship affects the price.

    Call to inquire not to ask for estimates. Price quotes shall be given only when they have seen your stuff. Drop companies who will give you costing just by listening to you on the phone.

    Check on their customer service. A trustworthy moving company will set an appointment with you. Their representative will visit you at your place to assess your stuff before providing you with price estimations. The visit from the company’s agent will help you judge the company’s level of professionalism.

    Visit business websites that show customer feedbacks on moving services. Check on the ratings of the companies in your list. Avoid poorly rated movers.

    Learn to say no. Stay away from companies that give you promises that are too good to be true.

    You don’t have to get the company with the lowest estimate. You may not be getting what you expect from them.

    Discuss the unexpected. Inform the company of situations they may be encountering during the move to your new home like limited parking spaces and delivery restrictions. The mover must be able to tell you how they will handle such conditions.

    Check the basics. To give you piece of mind, check on the accuracy of information provided by the company. Check their registration. Inquire if the company is a member of an accredited association of movers. Moving companies who are members of associations have credibility to boost.

    Discuss matters FIRST before signing. Read the contract well before signing it. Check the inventory of your properties made by the company. Know their payment terms and extra charges. Discuss crucial matters like insurance coverage, storage and handling costs.

You cut your search short if you choose your moving company from Their years of existence have been guaranteed by their expertise and satisfied customers.

Remember, your mover is your partner. Make us your partner in finding and choosing your moving company.

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